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Figure 1 Organic farmers are harvesting cassia with the participant of ofi management team

Olam food ingredients (ofi) has started an organic cassia project in 2019 to produce USDA/EU organic certified cassia products. Thanks to the commitment of the company board of directors and the close partnership between the company and farmers, the project has brought positive impact to cassia farmer communities in 17 communes of Van Yen District, Yen Bai Province. Farmers who joined the project received technical support from field team through Farmer Field School trainings and monthly visits. Organic production rules  are strictly followed in these farms, giving farmers access to the developed markets like Europe and North America with better prices, which resulted in better income.

Moreover, at ofi, we take great pride in giving back to our community, and our recent charity activity is a testament to that commitment. In collaboration with local government authorities, we recently built playgrounds and clean water supply for kindergarten children in Khe Lep village, which is a remote mountainous village of Xuan Tam commune. This initiative was designed to provide 70 children in these kindergartens with a safe and stimulating environment to play and learn, and we’re thrilled with the positive impact it’s already had.

Our team worked tirelessly to complete the project, and we’re proud to have made a difference in the lives of these children. We’re committed to continuing our support of local communities in areas that we are present, and we look forward to future opportunities to make a difference.

Figure 2 On 10th Apr 2023, Mr. Vijay Karunakaran, Vice President of ofi Vietnam and Ms. Trang, Khe Lep Kindergarten Headmaster,  have signed the handover agreement under the witness of the local authority, ofi team and local farmers

Figure 3 ofi team from US handed gifts and play with Dao children in Khe Lep A kindergarten

Figure 4 Playground at Khe Lep B kindergarten sponsored by ofi

Figure 5Clean water supply for Khe Lep B kindergarten sponsored by ofi

Figure 6 Playground at Khe Lep A kindergarten sponsored by ofi

Figure 7 The people who have made this amazing thing happen: ofi management team, ofi field team, local authority, teachers and head master of Khe Lep kindergarten

Figure 8 Happiness on the faces of the children, who are having fun at the playground for the first time

Figure 9 Happiness on the faces of the children, who are having fun at the playground for the first time

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